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GUN CARE REMINGTON | Brite Bore™ Solvent / Cleaner

Brite Bore™ Solvent / Cleaner

Analytic Description

Versatile cleaner that works effectively to clean powder residue and grime from actions, remove copper and lead fouling from rifle barrels as well as plastic wad residue from shotgun barrels; and soak off lead and powder deposits from choke tubes. This CFC-free solvent is available in a 4-oz. squeeze bottle, 6-oz. can with jet-spray extension tube or in a new, convenient 4-oz. wide-mouth jar.
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18385 Brite Bore™ Solvent / Cleaner ιn 4 oz jar. 9.50€


    Remington® 40-X Bore Cleaner

    Removes carbon, lead, copper, and plastic wad fouling by mechanical action.