H Remington ανακαλεί τη σκανδάλη XMP στα μοντέλα 700 και Seven. Κατεβάστε τη σχετική επιστολή. Remington Recall Notice - GREEK.pdf





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GUN CARE REMINGTON | MoistureGuard™ Rem Cloth™

MoistureGuard™ Rem Cloth™

Analytic Description

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Technology provides the ultimate protection from the harshest of elements. Our formula is able to penetrate into the smallest cracks and revices supplying superior long term lubrication and protection..10" x 10" multi-purpose cloth wipe. Instantly protects all metals from rust and corrosion.
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19902 MoistureGuard™ Rem Cloth™. 10x10 inch 8.40€


    MoistureGuard™ Gun Plugs

    Placeit in chamber or mount in gun cabinet or safe for protection of your gunbarrel.