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Κάλυμμα κάννης Universal Barrel Cot

Analytic Description

Birchwood Casey Universal Barrel Cots 33712 protect the barrel of your firearm from harmful invaders like dust, bugs, mud, rain, and debris. Simple to apply, Birchwood Casey Gun Barrel Protector Barrel Cots don't even have to be removed before firing; these Birchwood Casey weapon accessories don't affect accuracy, and the round won't even damage the Barrel Cot. One size of this Birchwood Casey product fits all firearms, whether it's a shotgun, handgun, or even a muzzleloader. Protect the barrel of your weapon with Birchwood Casey 20 Pack of Universal Barrel Cots.

Technical Specifications
    • Keeps mud, debris, moisture, bugs, and other foreign bodies out of your barrel
    • Easily rolls on to barrel of any firearm
    • Universal use--usable on shotguns, rifles, handguns, muzzle loaders, and more
    • Doesn't impair accuracy or efficiency of firearm

Code Descri. Price       
33712 Universal Barrel Cot 6.50€


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