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ANIMAL TRAINING | Automatic No-Bark Collar BC-50E

Automatic No-Bark Collar BC-50E

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Automatic No-Bark Collar BC-50E
The safe, effective way to stop excessive barking
New Auto-Set feature automatically adapts to your dog's bark. The more he barks, the higher the correction. As he learns to bark less frequently, the No Bark Collar stops at the level just right for your dog. This exclusive patented lnnotek technology delivers immediate, effective stimulation for your dog, and is fair to him by recognizing good behaviour. This  auto-set system is incredibly easy-to-use,with no external controls or settings to hassle with. The BC-50E collar is water-resistant and is powered by a 6-volt battery (included).

• Helps your dog teach himself to remain quiet
• Activated only by your dog's bark
• Easy-to-use, no external controls or settings to configure
• Lightweight (114g) collar receiver
• Seven stimulation levels

It helps your dog teach itself to remain quiet. Activated only by your dog's bark, stimulation levels are self adjusting. The water-resistant collar receiver (dimensions: 50mmx30mmx34mm overall) is powered by a 6 volt alkaline battery type RFA-18-11 (also known as L1325F, PX28A or 4LR44) which are widelyavailable.
The Innotek automatic no bark has a progressive pulse level setting. The unit will detect the vibration of the dogs bark and will emit the pulse on the lowest level. If this is sufficient to stop the dog barking it will remain at the level. If the dog continues to bark the unit will increase through the pulse levels until the dog stops barking. After 5 minutes the level will decrease by 1 level to activate at a 'reminder' level the next time the dog barks. A very effective and compact anti bark collar.
The System Includes:
• Water-resistant lightweight collar unit
• Replaceable battery
• Easy-to-adjust nylon buckle collar
• Short and Long probes for varying coat lengths
• Complete Operating Instructions
• limited lifetime Warranty

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BC-50E Automatic No-Bark Collar BC-50E 86.00€