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Due to a busy family life and heavy work schedule, most dog owners today do not have the time to train their animal correctly. Because of this lack of training time, dogs may develop bothersome (but normal) behaviours that can cost a lot of money to the owner or often cost the dog his home. There is a solution: Virtual Barrier is a designated area barrier system that will keep your pet out of off limit areas without pain, fear or cruel electric shock. With the indoor virtual barrier you can protect your belongings effectively, fast and without hurting your beloved yet destructive pet. The Virtual Barrier training system has 2 components: a transmitter dish and a spray receiver collar. The transmitter dish is plugged into a regular household 240-power outlet. The transmitter creates around itself a 360-degree field that you can adjust from 2' (60 cm) and 10' (3 m) with the button located on the transmitter. As your pet approaches the designated off-limit area, a low frequency signal is emitted from the transmitter dish activating a warning sound on the patented spray collar to let your pet know that he has approached the boundary limit. If the dog continues, the collar releases a harmless spray up towards the dog's snout, stimulating his ultra-heightened senses. He hears it, sees it, smells it, feels it and instinctively backs away. Through gentle conditioning, your pet learns to avoid the off-limit area completely. After a few days of usage the sound warning will be sufficient to redirect the dog out of the boundary zone. The dog will understand that if he continues to advance the spray will be released so he stop and back away at the warning sound. Applications:  Ideal for keeping pets: • Away from food  • Off furniture • Out of garbage cans • Away from breakables • Out of off-limits rooms • Away from babies or toddlers • Away from Christmas trees.

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14015 Multivet Virtual Barrier 175.00€

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