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ANIMAL TRAINING | Ssscat by Multivet

Ssscat by Multivet

Analytic Description

Effective for many behavioral problems and works in owner's absence. Description: •  Adjusts between motion detection and direction of spray. •  Nozzle position adjustable upward and downward. •  Spray may be turned off for sound conditioning. •  Refill spray cans available with 500 spray capacity. •  Repels cats for up to one meter. Ssscat! is a versatile training system which is excellent for hardcore behavioral problems in cats. It works with two components: a motion detector atop a repellant spray can with an auxiliary high-pitched alarm. We tested it effectively on our counter-surfing cats. After two or three run-ins with the spray, I was able to turn off the spray feature and the sound alone was an efficient deterrant. Our two "upwardly-mobile" GuideCats, Jaspurr and Joey, now give our kitchen counters a wide berth. Probably the most important application is in deterring scratching of furniture if other means have been unsuccessful, and the owner is contemplating declawing. Cats simply will not venture near an area where they have encountered Ssscat!  Features & Benefits:  • It's fast, effective, harmless and painless • Proven effective  • Repels cats for up to 3 feet (1m) • Scentless and stainless (leaves no residue) • It can be used outdoors  •  Refill can holds over 500 sprays • Adjustable angles of detection • Adjustable nozzle position • Uses 4 AAA batteries.
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19004 Ssscat repels cats 47.00€



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