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FLASHLIGHTS | ARMYTEK | Armytek Wizard Pro Magnet USB

Armytek Wizard Pro Magnet USB

Analytic Description

Armytek Wizard Pro Magnet USB rechargeable
Model: Wizard Pro
Article number :F05501SC

Compact and light, but at the same time reliable and multifunctional flashlight with Magnet-USB сharger. Headband will increase the possibilities for applying such accessory for everyday tasks and will keep your hands free. With AHM-02 it will be an indispensable assistant in the area of construction. And bicycle mount ABM-01 will reliably keep your flashlight on the handlebar. Multi-flashlight is suitable for using in different fields: auto, fishing, bike, running, etc.

• Brightness up to 1800 OTF Lm.
• Beam distance up to 130 m.
• Up to 200 days of light with one power source.
18650 Li-Ion battery and USB charger are in the set.

Technical Specifications
Light & Optics
  • Color temperature: White
  • LED light output: 2300lm
  • OTF light output: 1800lm
  • Beam distance: 130m
  • LED: CXHP50
  • Stabilization of brightness: FULL (constant brightness)
  • Hotspot: 70°
  • Spill: 120°

Dimensions & Weight
  • Head diameter: 24.5mm
  • Length: 110mm
  • Body diameter: 29mm
  • Weight: 65g

Body & Durability
  • Waterproof & Submersible: 10m
  • Operation temperature: -25..+40 °C
  • Impact Resistance: 10m

Modes & Electronics
  • Power source: 1x18650 Li-Ion
  • Number of modes: 11
  • Runtime for maximal mode: 1h
  • Runtime for minimal mode: 200 days
  • Ability to use batteries with a flat contact:
  • Protection from accidental switch-on:

Code Descri. Price       
F05501SC Armytek Wizard Pro Magnet USB 95.00€


    Walther PRO HL17

    Brightness (Ansi) 235 / 95 / 25 (100% / 40 % / 10 %) Lumen