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BIRCHWOOD CASEY ACCESSORIES | Gun Plumber™Folding Multi Tool

Gun Plumber™Folding Multi Tool

Analytic Description

42001 Gun Plumber™Folding Multi Tool

Key Features
• Gunsmith selected bits to cover all your field repairs
• Multiple styles of bit options for repairs
• Universal Choke Tube Wrench

Birchwood Casey® Gun Plumber Folding Multi Tool built from quality steel. Portable for range or field use. Gunsmith selected bits to cover your firearm repairs.
Bits includes:
Flat 2mm bit
Flat 6mm bit
Phillips #2 screw driver
Torx drivers T10 & T15
Hex bits: 1/16th, 3/32nd, 7/64th, & 5/32ed inch
Universal Choke Tube Wrench

Code Descri. Price       
42001 Gun Plumber™Folding Multi Tool 17.00€


    Birchwood Casey Stainless Steel Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

    Compatible with most brushes, swabs, and tips