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BIRCHWOOD-CASEY SHOOTING TARGETS | Ground Strike™ Belly Dancer™ Target

Ground Strike™ Belly Dancer™ Target

Analytic Description

48028 Ground Strike™ Belly Dancer™ Target

Key Features:
  •  Belly Dancer measures 9.5" high and 6.5" wide. Metal stand is 14" high.
  •  Rated for all calibers and firearms.
  •  Long-last technology and handles hundreds of rounds.
  •  Springs add action and movement.
  •  Includes 12 - Shoot•N•C® 6" Targets.
The Belly Dancer Targets use springs to add action an movement to your shooting. Use any caliber from .22 up, at a distance greater than 30 yards. Not for use with BBs, pellets, or air soft guns. The Belly Dancer Target works with Shoot•N•C® self-adhesive 6" Bull's eye Targets.
Challenge yourself and have fun.
48028- Belly Dancer Target 1 Target & 12 - Shoot•N•C® 6" Targets

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48028 Ground Strike™ Belly Dancer™ 53.00€


    Shoot•N•C® 12 & Combo 5-Pack