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HUNTING ACCESSORIES | CLEANING BRUSHES | Birchwood Casey Bronze Brush for .12 GA

Birchwood Casey Bronze Brush for .12 GA

Analytic Description

41270 Birchwood Casey Bronze Brush for .12 GA
Product description
Birchwood Casey designed these precision bronze bore brush with a rounded smooth bristle tip. The straight, thick, wire bristles offer more effective cleaning power. The brush remains thick and stout and will not easily bend with force down the bore. The bronze brush is designed specially to not damage the bore.
  • Carefully-made, thicker, straight bronze wire bristles
  • Designed with rounded, smoother bristle tips
  • Safe and effective cleaning power
  • Will not easily bend
  • Will not damage the bore
  • Caliber: 12 GA
  • Thread pitch: 5/16-27

From the Manufacturer
Made in America, Birchwood Casey's phosphor bronze gun cleaning brushes combine tough scrubbing power with features that protect your firearm, such as closed loop ends and highly flexible bristles. These brushes, combined with Birchwood Casey's bore scrubber, will remove tough copper, lead, and carbon fouling from the bore of your firearm.

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41270 Birchwood Casey Bronze Brush for .12 GA


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