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HUNTING ACCESSORIES | CLEANING BRUSHES | Cleaning Mop .357, .38 Caliber / 9mm

Cleaning Mop .357, .38 Caliber / 9mm

Analytic Description

41326 .357, .38 Caliber / 9mm Caliber Cleaning Mop

Birchwood Casey Gun Cleaning Mops are made from soft cotton and high quality components and are effective at applying solvents and lubricants without harming the bore.
These mops are perfect for removing fouling and excess solvent or for application of oil to the bore of your gun. Cotton swabs provide maximum absorbency and smoothness.

Specifications and Features:
Birchwood Casey Cleaning Mop
.357, .38 Caliber / 9mm Cal
Standard 8/32 thread pitch

Code Descri. Price       
41326 Cleaning Mop .357, .38 Caliber / 9mm 2.00€


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