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HUNTING ACCESSORIES | CLEANING KITS | Megaline s.r.l. Cleaning Set Model 084/3

Megaline s.r.l. Cleaning Set Model 084/3

Analytic Description

Cleaning set for 12 Ga Shotguns in a fine wooden case. It includes three-piece plastic coated steel cleaning rod joining together by brass threaded ends, and threecleaning brushes. One coloured cotton brush, a steel spiral one and a bristlebrush. The extreme part of the steel rod has the feature of the patch puller.A small plastic dispenser for storage of lubricating oil is included. 
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084/3 Megaline s.r.l. Cleaning Set Model 084/3 22.00€


    Rem Mini Fast Snap

    A clean firearm simply performs better, and there's no better way to keep your guns in pristine condition than with a Remington cleaning kit.