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EDGE EYEWEAR | EDGE Dragon Fire G15 Black Lenses

EDGE Dragon Fire G15 Black Lenses

Analytic Description

Edge Tactical Eyewear Dragon Fire Safety Glasses G-15 Anti-Fog Lens

Edge Dragon Fire Tactical Eyewear The Dragon Fire provides top-rated protection with a lightweight, economical open frame that’s perfect for the range. Its flexible and durable matte black temple arms are equipped with soft thermoplastic rubber temple tips for a comfortable, nonslip fit. The single-piece lens has no lower frame to obstruct sight, making it great for shooting.

• 3X anti-scratch coating
• Wrap-around frame with no side shield distortion
• Straight temple that rests comfortably on your head and doesn't pinch
• Frame consists of a flexible & durable TR90/Nylon compound material (material increases "grip" as it becomes moist or warm)
• Lenses block 99.9% of UVA/UVB/UVC rays
• Soft cleaning bag included

G-15 Lens:
G-15 lenses provide contrast and image definition while maintaining a neutral, true-to-life perspective. This technology was pioneered by the U. S. Air Force and features a green-colored tint that has cooling properties for the eyes. G-15 lenses are perfect for a variety of bright light conditions. The addition of an Anti-Fog coating offers increased clarity in humid, hot, or cold circumstances. 15% of visible light passes through this lens color.
Compliance: Edge Tactical Eyewear glasses are tested in independent laboratories to ensure their compliance with ANSI Z87.1+2010 and Military Ballistic MCEPS GL-PD 10-12 standards. All Edge lenses block 99.9% of UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation and are coated to reduce scratching.

The Edge Dragon Fire is a no-nonsense, military-rated safety glass that’s as home on the shooting range as it is the jobsite. Look around for a more economical or feature-packed shooting glass—but the Edge Dragon Fire stands in a league of its own.

Technical Specifications
  • MCEPS/ANSI standards compliant Wraparound design
  • One-piece lens
  • Frame constructed of flexible, durable nylon composite
  • Straight temple arms
  • Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) temple tips
  • Lenses block 99.9% of UVA/UVB/UVC
Code Descri. Price       
XDF61-G15 EDGE Dragon Fire G15 Black Lenses 15.00€


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