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SHOOTING ACCESSORIES | Hearing Protection | Birchwood Casey® eKrest Electronic Muffs

Birchwood Casey® eKrest Electronic Muffs

Analytic Description

43250 Birchwood Casey® eKrest™ Electronic muffs
Key Features:

• eKrest Carbon Fiber Electronic Muff
• NRR rating 26dB protection
• Two omni-directional microphones
• Includes 2 AAA batteries

Birchwood Casey eKrest Electronic Muffs. NRR rating of 26dB. Attenuates all sound above 85dB. On/off switch with volume control for variable sound amplification. Auxiliary input jack with auxiliary cord included. Two omni-directional microphones. Includes 2 AAA batteries.

Code Descri. Price       
43250 eKrest Electronic Muffs 89.00€


    Bilsom Match 1

    Provides adequate protection at a low cost.