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Walther Pro Gun Care for plastic,leather,wood,plastic

Analytic Description

Leather care
For all smooth and grained leathers and for all colors. Nourishes and preserves resistance – the leather remains supple. Impregnates, protects against moisture and stains. Restores color. Shake before using. Spread evenly on a cloth and apply to surface. When dry, buff with a soft brush or cloth. Remove any spots as soon as possible. If in doubt, test first in an inconspicuous area.

Plastic care

Makes surfaces look like new again. Protects against environmental influences and UV radiation. For use on all plastic and rubber parts exposed to the outdoors. Shake before using. Clean and dry the surface and apply evenly using a sponge. Rub in well and allow to dry.

Wood care
Revitalizes wooden and varnished surfaces. Eliminates faded areas and water marks. Removes fingerprints, dirt, film and cleaning streaks. Conceals scratches. Cleans and preserves almost all wooden surfaces, whether bright or dark, stained, matt or polished. Apply with a soaked cloth and then polish. For stubborn marks and for intensive restoration apply generously and allow to act for 12 hours. Repeat if necessary.

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3.2044 Walther Pro Gun Care for plastic, leather, wood, plastic 27.50€


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