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SHOOTING ACCESSORIES | Hearing Protection | Bilsom Leightning L3N

Bilsom Leightning L3N

Analytic Description

"Bilsom’s patented Air Flow Control™ technology delivers optimal attenuation across all frequencies, without increasing earcup size or weight. A patented baseplate chamber and high-tech non-woven layer manage the flow of air inside the earmuff to control how sound reaches the ear. The result is better, more consistent overall attenuation for virtually all industrial noise environments. Sleek, anatomic behind-the-head design can be worn with other PPE including face shields, helmets, visors and respirators. Includes headband strap for better positioning on the head. "
Code Descri. Price       
1011996 Ear Muffs Bilsom Leightning L3N 38.00€


    Birchwood Casey® Reusable Corded Ear Plugs