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ANTONINI KNIVES | Pocket Knives Siciliano series | Antonini Siciliano with brass grip M

Antonini Siciliano with brass grip M

Analytic Description

Antonini Siciliano series of Folding Knives

Siciliano 907/17/OT
Product description
In a classic design typical of Sicily, this is an incredibly elegant knife, subtly shaped and tapered from the fine point of the blade to the end of the handle. The slender shape of the Siciliano makes this knife easy to handle. The stainless steel blade has a classic nail nick and a slip joint mechanism that secures the blade in the open and closed positions . The strong slip joint back spring holds the knife in the open position and the blade features a firm half stop that protects the fingers during closure. The Siciliano knife from Antonini Knives is a sleek traditional knife from Italy that displays smooth polished brass handles with brass pins and liners.
Founded in 1925, A. E. Coltellerie snl has been creating great knives under the "Antonini" brand for more than three generations. The heritage of their location in the Maniago in northeast Italy, an area with a history of making knives, blades, and other cutting tools since Medieval times, provides centuries of experience and skill. Their most recent expansion has been in a range of knives specifically designed for use in emergency and rescue operations, which have been very warmly received by Police, Fire, and rescue crews worldwide
You can be assured that the legendary "Antonini" label is one of quality associated with a family-owned company that still makes tools at their factory in Maniago, Italy. A. E. Coltellerie snl combines centuries of tradition and experience in metallurgy and knife-making with cutting edge technology and design, and they guarantee the quality of the materials and workmanship that goes into every knife they make.

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907/17/OT Siciliano with brass grip M 9.73€


    Antonini Old Bear Olive Size S

    The handle of the knife is in oil-treated aged Olive wood, while its blade is in stainless steel and is stone sharpened by skilled and qualified craftsman hands.