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AIRGUNS | RIFLES THEOBEN | Model SLR Multi-Shot Underlever

Model SLR Multi-Shot Underlever

Analytic Description

Model SLR .22 cal.  Multi-Shot Underlever. In 1988 the first Theoben SLR 88 ‘Self Loading Rifle’ was made. Production of this excellent and popular rifle lasted for only four years as manufacture of the complex components was proving too costly. CNC machinery made it possible to reintroduce this superb rifle, as too did advances in our own patented designs of the H.E. System and Evolution trigger. New production methods allowed excess metal to be machined away to lighten the gun. So once again the superb benefits of this magazine fed, multi-shot, self loading underlever rifle are available to you the customer and shooter. The SLR uses Theoben’s H.E. (High Efficiency) Gas Ram System with floating Inertia for ultra low recoil. This gives a highly consistent muzzle velocity. It also allows for a low cocking effort and no internal maintenance is required. 
Code Descri. Caliber Price       
0470 SLR MULT-ISHOT UNDERLEVER 5,5 mm 1,480.00€

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