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Remington V3 Field Sport Synthetic

Analytic Description

We are proud to say the finest autoloaders in the world aren’t made in Italy, Belgium or Japan. They’re built right here. With the addition of the lightweight, 3”-capable V3 to our lineup, every possible hunting or sporting application is now under the reign of our Versaport gas system.
The V3 incorporates the system’s unfailing reliability and super soft recoil into a sleek platform with the athletic handling and pointability that have made Remington autos an icon in the field. From light 2 ¾” target loads to the hardest-hitting 3” mags, it cycles them all with the same unrelenting consistency. Choose from durable synthetic stocked models in all black or decked stock to muzzle in Mossy Oak Break Up Country or Blades Camo. For traditional good looks, the V3 is also available with American walnut woodwork and a rich satin finish.

• Most versatile, reliable 3” shotgun on the market
• Reliably cycles 2 ¾” to 3” magnum shotshells interchangeably
• VersaPort operating system regulates gas pressure based on shell length
• SuperCell Recoil Pad
• Multi-feature magazine cutoff
• Optimized balance & swing characteristics
• Lowest recoil
• Weighs 7.2 lbs.