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Rossi Rio Grande model 95

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Rossi Rio Grande Review
With the Rio Grande, Rossi has tapped into the lever-action’s versatility and its lore.

By Richard Mann

There was a time when the word “rifle” almost exclusively meant a lever-action. The lever-action rifle is an iconic part of America and as much a symbol of the Old West as a worn-out pair of cowboy boots or a set of spurs.
Founded in 1889 by Amadeo Rossi, his namesake company is a leading manufacturer of single-shot rifles, muzzleloaders and shotguns; however, Rossi offers a diverse selection of lever-action rifles.  It has also unveiled a lever-action rifle similar to the Marlin Model 336. Rossi’s lever guns are unusual, but one covered here is not a rifle at all. The Rio Grande is indeed a lever-action long gun but is chambered to fire .410-bore shells. While specialized in nature, this firearm represents Rossi’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to providing shooters with unique and dependable firearms that are fun to shoot.

Rossi Model RG410B
Not only does the Rossi Rio Grande, Model RG410B, reflect the looks of Marlin’s Model 336, its investment-cast action features Marlin’s customary side-ejection and bolt-banded extractor. But, the RG410B’s walnut stained, straight-grained hardwood stock is a bit slimmer in both the butt and the fore-end. There is a barrel band at the front of the fore-end and another one 1/2-inch rearward of the muzzle.
The RG410B has the modern Marlin-style, cross-bolt receiver safety that blocks the hammer when engaged. If the trigger is pulled the hammer will fall; however, its forward travel is stopped just short of the firing pin. Purist may scoff at this arrangement, but it’s an inherently safe design.
Each shotgun is shipped with a factory-installed, Weaver-style scope base that matches the mounting holes found on Marlin Model 336s. The shotgun features a semi-buckhorn rear sight that is adjustable for elevation and windage, and the front sight is a thin, yet tall, blade topped with a brass bead measuring 0.090 inches in diameter. The front sling swivel stud is fitted to the rear barrel band, while the other is at the toe of the buttstock. Capping the buttstock is a 1-inch ventilated rubber recoil pad atop a thin white line spacer.

Code Descri. Price       
RG410B Rossi Rio Grande Black 710.00€
RG410SS Rossi Rio Grande Stainless Steel 850.00€


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