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FISHING | STREN ACCESSORIES | 440A cutlery grade stainless steel blade

440A cutlery grade stainless steel blade

Analytic Description

Brand new  Stren®  Fillet Knife with blade 10 cm, 15 cm or 19cm or Folding Fillet Knife with blade 13 cm..  Made in the USA by  Camillus for Remington.  Strong and flexible for filleting your catch. 440A  cutlery grade stainless steel blade with double taper contour.Kraton rubber  non-slipgrip.  Hardened thermoplastic  sheath with drain hole.  Full lifetime warranty with filleting instructions enclosed. 
Code Descri. Price       
18646 Stren® Fillet knife - Blade 4" 27.00€
18647 Stren® Fillet Folding Knife - Blade 13 cm 42.00€
18654 Stren® Fillet knife - Blade 6" 29.00€
18655 Stren® Fillet knife - Blade 7,5" 31.50€