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UMAREX AIRSOFT | Umarex Co2 Machineguns | Airsoft gun Co2 IWI UZI 6mm

Airsoft gun Co2 IWI UZI 6mm

Analytic Description

Originally restricted to Israeli special units, the Mini Uzi became a favorite of military and police units throughout the world when it became commercially available. Umarex has finally brought out a CO2 version of the Mini Uzi. It shoots 6mm  BBs, which have become highly popular in recent years.

Technical Data
6mm (.177) BBs
Magazine capacity 21 Shots
Power source Co2 Capsule 12gr
Overall Length
Safety Manual
Energy 2.0 Joule
Velocity 70m/sec
Weight 1242gr
Special feature

Code Descri. Caliber Energy Magazine Capacity Pellets Overall Length Weight Price       
2.5969 IWI UZI 6mm Co2 6mm 2 Joules 21 0.20-0.30gr 356/594mm 1242gr 140.00€
2.5969.1 Magazine IWI UZI 6mm Co2 6mm - 21 0.20-0.30gr - - 55.00€


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