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Airsoft gun Co2 GLOCK 19

Analytic Description

The little brother of the GLOCK 17 comes on strong. Measuring 186 mm in length, this CO2 airsoft version of the GLOCK 19 packs high performance into a small space. It features a heavy metal slide and a trigger blade safety that are just like those of the original. The 6-mm pellets emerge from the muzzle with an energy of up to 2 joules. In the grip, next to the magazine, users will find a practical key for inserting the CO2 cartridge. In spite of its compact dimensions the GLOCK 19 tips the scales at an impressive 717 g.

Technical Data
6mm BBs
Power Source CO2
Magazine Capacity
11 shots
2 Joule
Overall Length
186 mm
Weight 717gr

Code Descri. Caliber Energy Magazine Capacity Pellets Overall Length Weight Price       
2.6418 GLOCK 19 CO2 6mm 2.0 Joules 11 6mm BBs 186mn 717gr 145.00€


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