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UMAREX AIRSOFT | Umarex Co2 Pistols | Airsoft gun Co2 Legends C96

Airsoft gun Co2 Legends C96

Analytic Description

Thanks to its timeless design and unique characteristics, the Mauser C96 has been admired by gun collectors and sport shooters ever since its introduction in 1896. In honor of this classic semi-automatic pistol, Umarex has brought out a CO2 variant with a blowback system and technical features that will capture the imagination of recreational shooters.
Technical Data
6mm BBs
Power Source CO2
Magazine Capacity
13 shots
Single Action
Overall Length
295 mm
Weight 780gr

Code Descri. Caliber Energy Magazine Capacity Pellets Weight Price       
2.5960 Legends C96 6mm 6mm 2 joules 13 6mm bbs (0.20gr - 0.30gr) 780gr 116.00€


    Airsoft gun Co2 Combat Zone Enforcer

    The easy-to-reach safety can be operated from a firing position, and the double action only trigger permits rapid fire.