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Heckler & Koch G3

Analytic Description

The G3 was used for a long time by the German armed forces, and for this very reason it is still highly regarded by military units throughout the world. Those who want to own this classic rifle will do best get an over-the-counter airsoft replica. Made of high-grade stamped steel, it weighs in at a hefty 3.5 kg. The weight makes itself felt with the powerful gas blowback that comes with each shot. Shooters and collectors will have equal pleasure stripping this rifle down to its components and seeing the great attention to detail. With its authentic markings, the G3 is a must-have for all fans.
Technical Specifications
6mm BBs Plastic
Power Source
Aisoft Gas
Magazine Capacity
30 shots
Special Feature Blowback
1.0 Joule
Velocity 120m/sec
Overall Length

Code Descri. Caliber Energy Magazine Capacity Overall Length Weight Price       
2.6395X Heckler & Koch G3 6mm 1.0 Joule 20 1025gr 3566gr 720.00€


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