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KNIVES | WALTHER | Walther Mach Tac 3

Walther Mach Tac 3

Analytic Description

The Walther-machetes make no compromises. Their design features evoke strong feelings, casting a spell not only on knife enthusiasts. The extra-large blades are made of type 440 steel and are coated for protection. The new MachTac3 with its straight blade is made for two-hand-use. The heavy-duty machete comes with a rugged nylon case.

Technical Data
  • Klingenform: Customary Machete Blade
  • Weight: 1465gr
  • Grip Material:Plastic
  • Blade Length: 473mm
  • Overall Length:767mm
  • Klingenmaterial:420 Stainless Steel

Code Descri. Price       
5.0763 Walther Mach Tac 3 65.00€


    Walther Knife Sharpener

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