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FLASHLIGHTS | WALTHER | Walther TGS 20 - 305 Lumens

Walther TGS 20 - 305 Lumens

Analytic Description

The new models in Walther’s Tactical Guard Series are all watertight with a rating of IPX8. They have two output settings based on the ANSI standard (100/10 percent) plus a strobe mode. The TGS20 (chip: CREE XP-G2) has a 300-lumen beam. Its multi-battery system (MBS) accepts two CR123 lithium batteries or an 18650 rechargeable battery. The included accessories are: batteries, lanyard, clip, replacement seal and tactical ring (rubber) and a practical clip.

  Technical Data
300 Lumens - 100%
30 Lumens -  10%
  Battery Type:  2 x CR123 3V
 Light Duration:
 2:45 hrs /100% ,
  27 hrs /10%
Range:   200 m/100% ,
  55 m /10%
 Chip  1 x Cree XP-G2
Length:   126 mm
 Weight  92gr
Code Descri. Price       
3.7107 Walther TGS 20 38.00€


    Alpina Sport AS 02

    You can remove the lamp and battery compartment and clip them to your belt or lapel, thus keeping your hands free. It is also rechargeable via USB cable.