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Walther Xenon Tactical

Analytic Description

Use smart tactics and go for the Walther Xenon Tactical, the top seller with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The sturdy black aluminum housing not only sits well in the hand, but is also completely in trend. The high-pressure Xenon bulb achieves, with a full 60 lumen, above-average values for brightness and range. 

  Technical Data
Brightness: 60 Lumen
Battery  2xCR123
Overall Length
Diameter 25mm

Code Descri. Price       
3.7000 Walther Xenon Tactical 24.00€
3.7001 Walther Xenon Tactical Titan 24.00€
3.7002 Cord switch for Xenon Tactical flashlight 5.00€
3.7003/3 Xenon Tactical spare bulb 5.70€


    Alpina Sport AS 02

    You can remove the lamp and battery compartment and clip them to your belt or lapel, thus keeping your hands free. It is also rechargeable via USB cable.