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Wiley X Valor Polarized Crimson Mirror

Analytic Description

A sporty and lightweight half-frame in a special Black 2 Tone frame color, which is matte on the outside and gloss on the inside. Add to that some awesome looking Polarized Grey Crimson Mirror lenses, and you’ve got a pair of eyewear ready for any challenge.
The Polarized Grey Crimson Mirror lens is excellent for constant sun and the bright conditions you face on the slopes while snowboarding or skiing, but they are just as efficient when riding your bicycle on a sunny afternoon.

Specifications - Features:

• Item Number CHVAL05
• Ballistics Yes
• Lens Color Polarized Crimson Mirror Smoke
• Frame Color Black two tone
• Head Size S-L
• Frame Size 70/18/120
• Transmission 15%

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Code Descri. Price       
CHVAL05 Wiley X Valor Polarized Crimson Mirror 145.00€

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