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BIRCHWOOD CASEY ACCESSORIES | Bore Weevil™ Retractable Cleaning System

Bore Weevil™ Retractable Cleaning System

Analytic Description

41707 Bore Weevil™ Retractable Cleaning System

Key Features
• Fully Retractable Tether Action
• Cleans Any Length Barrel
• Includes 3 Quick Attach Couplers

Birchwood Casey’s Bore Weevil™ is the farthest evolution of gun cleaning; featuring a fully retractable pull-through tether to reduce contact with cleaning chemicals and make portability an afterthought. Also included are three Quick Attach Couplers that eliminate the need to thread attachments on and off to change the functionality of your cleaning rod. Simply thread a brush, jag, and/or a mop on each of the Quick Attach Couplers and changing between cleaning accessories takes less than 1 second. Bore Weevil™ is compatible with almost every available cleaning brush, jag, mop, and looped patch puller on the market. The Bore Weevil™ can be adjusted to any length for virtually any firearm. One pull and gun cleaning will never be the same again.

41707 - Bore Weevil Retractable Cleaning System with 3 Quick Attach Adap
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41707 Bore Weevil™ Retractable Cleaning System 57.00€

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