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KWC 75 Competition

Analytic Description

A lot of companies have been dipping their feet into the IPSC Competition Shooting Pool and so they've designed their own race pistol that can compete alongside the best of them. KWC are in line as they've come up with the competition model of the KMB-89AHN and it's one slick beast ! 
Overall Model KWC 75 Competition 4,5 mm BB is styled after a well known Blowback BB Pistol. This means it functions very similarly to the real steel. It is a very hefty gun made almost entirely from metal and has a very snappy blowback action which adds to its shooting realism. Even the magazine looks and feels like a real 9mm magazine with similar weight and dimensions. It is really well balanced which offers the possibility to shoot this blowback BB pistol really quickly and yet stay right on target even with the heavy snappy blowback operation.

Trigger Pull: The Single Action Only trigger pull on the KWC 75 Competition Blowback BB Pistol is what you would expect for a gun made specifically for IPSC styled shooting, it is nice and light with a very short take up and smooth release. Exactly what you would be looking for when wanting to shoot accurately and quickly !
Accuracy: Model KMB-89AHN replica of a real pistol, during shooting tests it got a very nice tight grouping and stayed on target between shots very well, it also got a bit higher than claimed fps which is always nice for a Blowback steel BB shooter.
Build Quality: This replica of KWC Blowback BB Pistol is well built being that it is pretty much entirely metal (even the grips). It weighs in at almost three pounds, the tolerances are very good with very little slide slop and the seams are virtually non-existent on this air pistol.
Realism: Model KMB-89AHN of KWC Blowback BB Pistol is based loosely on a CZ 75 styled pistol, KWC has taken some liberties in restyling it to some degree and really made this pistol look the part of a dedicated target shooter. In terms of functioning and looking like a real gun it has it all, full size drop out metal magazine, full blowback operation, full slide lock back and of course it can be field striped if need be.

Technical Characteristics:
• All metal construction - Good weight and very solid feeling gun.
• Full size drop out metal magazine.
• Heavy and snappy blowback action.
• Good fit and finish.
• Well balanced, so even with heavy blowback the gun stays on target.
• Light and smooth single action trigger for quick follow-up shots.
• Very Good accuracy and a bit better than claimed fps.
• Come with sight rail for mounting a red dot sight.
• Would make a nice entry level IPSC trainer.

Code Descri. Caliber Energy Pellets Overall Length Weight Price       
KMB89AHN KWC 75 Competition 4.5mm 1.4Joules BBs 279mm 1250gr 143.00€


    KWC 75 Tac Blowback

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