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KWC S226-S5 Blowback

Analytic Description

This BB air pistol is styled after a moderrn  blowback real pistol. This means it functions very similarly to the real steel. It is a very hefty gun made almost entirely from metal and has a very snappy blowback action which adds to its shooting realism. Even the magazine looks and feels like a real 9mm magazine with similar weight and dimensions. The KMB74AHN of KWC shoots very accurately for a BB airgun and has fairly decent power considering its blowback function, though this does result in heavy usage of CO2. I was able to get about 3 magazines out of a CO2 cartridge. This is one of my favourite airguns because it is so true to form and function.

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull is what you would expect from a real automatic pistol. In single action mode it is light and short.
Accuracy: Very good.
Build Quality: Excellent, with almost all metal construction, good weight and craftsmanship.
Realism: This is as close as you can come to the look, weight, feel, and action of the real weapon. 

Technical Characteristics:

• Extremely realistic airgun replica of a real pistol.
• All metal construction.
• Would make an excellent training gun as it functions just like a real automatic handgun.
• Blowback action is very firm adding to the realism of shooting this weapon.
• Field strips just like the real pistol.
• 20mm lower rail for Accessories

Code Descri. Price       
KMB74AHN KWC S226-S5 182.00€


    Beretta M92 A1

    An all-metal, 18-shot BB version of the famous Italian (and American) service pistol, with a realistic blowback effect.