H Remington ανακαλεί τη σκανδάλη XMP στα μοντέλα 700 και Seven. Κατεβάστε τη σχετική επιστολή. Remington Recall Notice - GREEK.pdf





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GUN CARE REMINGTON | RemOil 113gr 100years Anniversary

RemOil 113gr 100years Anniversary

Analytic Description

• Cleans dirt and grime from exposed metal surfaces while displacing non-visible moisture from metal pores
• Protects internal and external metal parts from rust and corrosion
• Exclusive Teflon formula provides a thin, long-lasting film that keeps actions working smoothly by reducing metal-to-metal wear
• Available in: 4 oz. can with child resistant nozzle in footed clamshell
Code Descri. Price       
18001 ΛΑΔΙ REM OIL 100th ANNINV - 4oz. METAL TIN 11.50€


    Remington® 40-X Bore Cleaner

    Removes carbon, lead, copper, and plastic wad fouling by mechanical action.