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ANTONINI KNIVES | Old Bear Walnut Carved Collection | Antonini Old Bear Carved Walnut L

Antonini Old Bear Carved Walnut L

Analytic Description

Wood Carved Collection "Old Bear®" knife Line
Article Code:9307/21 LNI

"Old Bear® is our new and exclusive folding knife line featuring simple and ergonomic lines. It marks and celebrates the 90th anniversary of our company (1925-2015), and intentionally involves a production process engaging high levels of manual production, skilled and experienced manufacture.

The handle of the knife is in oil-treated American walnut wood, while its blade is in stainless steel and is stone sharpened by skilled and qualified craftsman hands. The “Old Bear™ knife comes without no-return spring meaning its blade locking system features a solid safety ring (covered by patent n.1187282 deposited in year 1985 by Todesco company from Maniago which is active partner of this project) that fixed the handle in open and closed position.

Currently “Old Bear™” knife line is available in 5 sizes:
• "XS" Extra Small- overall mm.150 - 5.91"
• "S" Small- overall mm.170 - 6.75"
• "M" Medium - overall mm.190 - 7.50"
• "L" Large - overall mm.210 - 8.25"
• "XL" ExtraLarge - overall mm.230 - 9.00"

The knife's blade comes with our salt-etched "Old Bear® logo and into a single fashionable and personalized paper box and, upon request, with an “old-style” cardboard box display with 12 little boxes plus 1 open demonstration knife.

We have already been working for a couple of years with Fabio Allara —a professional Italian cook, born in 1981 and living in Borgiallo near Turin— true expert in wood carving art, who talks about his passion and his second work as follows:
“For about two years I have been approaching and practicing wood-carving using knife tip techniques, in particular on the wood knife handle surfaces. It is a technique that requires a lot of manual dexterity, creativity and patience. Each single carved and engraved knife is a unique masterpiece as its wood handle comes to life while I am working on it. I usually start from selecting the knife with natural and untreated wood handle. Then I draw directly on the handle and then go on with the wood-carving entirely by hand using a special knife. When the handle carving is finished, I use a special wax or paint on it and the knife is ready”.

This product has been manufactured by submitting all the used raw materials to manual treatments and processes that make every single knife unique, original and not standardized. Any irregularities on the knife surface are additional guarantees of its uniqueness and manual processes and they do not affect the knife functionalities.

Technical Data
Antonini Folding Knife of the Old Bear® Series 9307/21-LNI

"L" / Large
Blade Length 90mm (3,50")
Total Length
210mm - (8,25")
Length in closed position 120mm (4,75")
Weight 62gr - 2,19oz
Stainless Steel that has undergone hardening process according to Standards Aisi 420 steel and HRC 54/56
Satin Stainless Steel
American Walnut
Locking Mechanism
Brass with locking mechanism (Twist Lock) Patent N.1187282
Code Descri. Price       
9307/21_LNI Antonini Old Bear Carved Walnut L 179.00€

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