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HUNTING ACCESSORIES | CLEANING KITS | Universal All-A-Round Cleaning Kit

Universal All-A-Round Cleaning Kit

Analytic Description

•Cleans all your shotguns, rifles & pistols (.22 caliber to 12 gauge).
•Contains an assortment of brushes, 3 piece brass rod, patches, patch puller,and waterproof/stain resistant Rem Pad. • Portable cleaning station packagedin a polyethylene storage tube that both hangs on a peg or sits on a shelffor convenience.*Rem Oil, Brite Bore, and Bore Light sold separately.

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19194 Universal All-A-Round Cleaning Kit 64.00€


    RangeMaster™ Cleaning Kit

    Everything the gun-owner needs in a starter cleaning kit. Comes with a rugged storagebox with a removable tray that keeps all your gear easily organized andready-to-go.