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SHOOTING ACCESSORIES | Hearing Protection | Bilsom Match 1

Bilsom Match 1

Analytic Description

The Mach™ 1 is an economical choice for basic hearing protection in short-term work situations. Mach™ 1's adjustable headband fits any head size, while its super-lightweight dielectric construction provides adequate protection. Extremely lightweight construction provides for all-day comfort."
Howard-Leight® Mach 1 Noise Blocking Earmuffs

Howard Leight Mach 1 Earmuffs feature dielectric construction that makes them safe for electrical environments. Lightweight headband style provides comfort for all-day wear. Economical and protective. 

• Model Number: 1010421
• NRR 18, 
• Red/Black.
• Mach™ 1 Noise Blocking Earmuffs, 18 NRR, Headband Packaged in a Polybag 
• Howard Leight® by Honeywell Safety Products 

• Economical design delivers adequate protection at a low cost 
• Extremely lightweight construction provides all-day comfort 
• Dielectric construction suitable for all workplaces, especially electrical environments

Code Descri. Price       
1010421 Ear Muffs Bilsom Match1 14.50€


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