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HANDCUFFS | Total Control Handcuffs | Model TCH800 Chain handcuff

Model TCH800 Chain handcuff

Analytic Description

"TCH" 800 series handcuffs are fabricated from the finest quality carbon steel. They are manufactured with heat treated internal lock works and double locking push pin mechanisms to prevent tampering, the featured 3 independently moving smooth rachet bars with 6 teeth on each bar provides the TCH cuff with precision and speed for swift cuffing and extra measure of safety,
The precision engineered TCH handcuffs swinging rotating arm design also allows for the exclusive backloading feature that this cuff provides for speed of application.
All TCH handcuffs meet or exceed demanding national institute of justice tests for workmanship, strength, corrosion and tamper resistance. Over the years, TCH 800 series handcuffs have become a standard in corrections equipment.

Key Features
• Heat treated internal lockworks
• Push pin double locking mechanism
• Rotating arm backloads for speedcuffing
• The total of 18 teeth provides extra locking positions
• 3 Independently moving ratchet bars, with 6 teeth on each bar.
• Full compliance with N.I.J standard 0307.01 - strength - corrosion & tamper resistance
• Precision moving ratchet bar, providing smooth ratcheting for swift cuffing & extra measure of safety
• Precision engineering ensures rotating arm swings through the handcuff,engaging the ratchet bars every time

Contents include
• One Set of Bright Nickel Finish Chained Standard Models TCH800 
• Two Standard keys provided with each set of handcuffs

Code Descri. Price       
TCH 800 Chain Handcuff Nickel finish. 45.00€